Get Original Haze Strain

A straight Sativa strain, Original Haze started out as a blend of Thai, Columbian and Mexican. Over the years, since the late 70’s, it has been cross bred with as many other breeds as you can think of. Original Haze is now bred and cultivated by Hemcy but was originally created by the Haze Brothers in Cali about 20 years ago out of Colombian, Mexican and a small amount of Thai.

Growing time is 10 to 12 weeks, great for indoor, outdoor or greenhouse. On an outdoor grow you will get a large yield harvest at the end of December, so for you outdoor enthusiasts, plan your grow time to end in December, what a great Christmas present.

If you are buying From Marijuana dispensary in California, your marijuana seeds online, or from a grower that is giving you some sort of guarantee of growth, you can get some really great yields of anywhere from 400 to 500 grams. It has a spicy smell and slender leaves and the buds are long and light colored. This 100% Sativa strain has buds that are rather fluffy and loose, but heavily covered in crystals and hairs. When it gets blended with other breeds the buds take on a tighter, denser feel and the THC levels increase depending on what it is being crossbred with.

The Original Haze flavor is usually sweet and a little sour at the same time, and the high is an up high that is mildly psychedelic. No couch potatoes here, this strain will give you uplift with no hard crash like the Indica strains. It is a great base strain for people who are looking to play with the genetics and create new and exciting strains of Haze like the very popular Super Lemon Haze and Bubblegum Haze just to name a couple.