By Using Paper Cups For Hot Drinks

A typical issue we often get asked what cups we’d suggest to the customers of ours; this is a tricky question as it is determined by the heating of beverage you plan to wear. We stock a broad range of products from single wall plain paper cups, to our newest triple wall’ Ultimate’ hot cups. The primary distinction is the insulating qualities of the particular cup type.

Our Plain White and Mocha Single wall hot cups are ideal for warm drinks; however piping coffee that is hot would possibly be quite uncomfortable to carry without the application of a cup sleeve (available separately). Because of their single wall building there’s no extra layer to insulate the heating of the drink.

Double wall and very hot ripple cups are specially created to handle considerable high temperatures. The two levels are employed in a very similar method to a thermos flask; trapping air and isolating the customer’s hand from very hot drinks. Furthermore, the additional glass strength is ideally suited to’ coffee on the go’.

With various higher street coffee chains and drinks providers favoring completely different disposable cup materials, it’s intriguing to determine that would be the best insulator. Probably the best solution to go over the protective qualities of a paper cup is comparing it with an alternative often used takeaway cups, like the typical improved polystyrene type. This can be accomplished by carrying out an easy test to demonstrate whether the polystyrene or maybe paper version kept the solution it contained hotter for the best length of time.

Paper cups vs Polystyrene cups

The high temperature retention test requires putting 200 ml of extremely warm water right into a polystyrene glass as well as the exact same level right into a paper hot drink cup to determine that is the greater insulator. For a broader comparison, you might like to present a plastic glass into the situation to disclose how the insulation properties of its measure up. We understand these warm cups will give a certain degree of insulation, but this examination can help show that will be the easiest way to maintain liquids warm.